Today we celebrate Sister Mary Ross who is celebrating her 50th Jubilee.

Mary has lived and worked with the poor and incarcerated whether in Providence House, Rikers Island or Afghanistan offering her legal knowledge with compassion, empathy and insight.  Hers has been a life of reconciliation.  Her calmness, extreme generosity, willingness to risk, her courage to speak truth to power with gentleness and her amazing faithfulness and loyalty are freely shared with all.  Thank you, Mary for touching the lives of so many through Providence House and the Courts and for        your commitment to our CSJ Mission.

Sister Mary Ross – Celebrating her Silver Jubilee, Sept. 1995 [from left: Sisters Josephine Daspro, Mary Ross, Patricia Margaret Taylor and Maria Pascuzzi]; With S. Elaine Roulet;  With S. Elaine Roulet and Rev. Brian J. O’Connell, President, Niagara University [S. Elaine received an honorary doctorate from Niagara University, 1995]; S. Mary receiving her JD from CUNY School of Law, LIC, 1998; S. Mary with S. Linda Pero, S. Helen Kearney, and S. Joanne Forkner.

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Today we celebrate Sister Maria Pascuzzi who is celebrating her 50th Jubilee.

Maria inspires us with her persistent search for God and how God is revealing to us.   She has both the gift and ability to make Scripture come alive presenting complex topics and concepts in an understandable manner and even makes us laugh while doing it.  Her biblical scholarship on St. Paul and her teachings have been published.  Maria always greets each of us like a long-lost friend.

Maria Pascuzzi – Sophomore, St. Brendan H.S., Brooklyn, 1966; Final Profession, Aug. 20, 1977 [pictured from left: Sisters Annelle Fitzpatrick, Karen Donohue, Diane Androvich, Cecilia Ann McGuire, Maria Pascuzzi and Joanne Forker]; Faculty, St. Angela Hall Academy, 1978-1979 [S. Maria is seated in front row, on right]; with S. Mary Ann Cashin, Community meeting, March 1999; Dr. Maria Pascuzzi, Associate Dean, School of Theology, Seton Hall University.


Today we celebrate Sister Josephine Daspro who is celebrating her 50th Jubilee.

Josephine is a trained Spiritual Director noted for her faithfulness, passion and commitment.  Her varied programs have nourished and nurtured many people on Long Island.  Strong family ties formed the basis of the empathy she brings to so many situations.  In all of her presentations Josephine shares her deep conviction of our call to love God and neighbor without distinction.

Josephine Daspro – Sisters in Our Lady of Grace Convent, West Babylon, 1978 [S. Josephine is seated in front, on left]; Faculty photo, Holy Family HS, South Huntington, 1982-1983; Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Event, “Bearers of the Tradition”, Wichita, KS, 2003 [pictured from left: Sisters Kathy Hickey, Maryellen Kane, Phyllis Esposito, Marianne Sennick, Edna McKeever and Josephine Daspro]; CSJ Participants, “Bearers of the Tradition” Event, Wichita, KS, 2003; As Director of St. Joseph’s Renewal Center Spirituality Program; At the 2015 Commissioning of new Spiritual Directors.


Today we celebrate Sister Rose Marie Torma who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Rose is kind, warm, caring and generous. She has a great sense of humor and is a person who makes you feel comfortable and at home.  Rose loves to cook, try new recipes and delights in sharing dishes with family and friends.

Sister Rose Marie Torma: In modified habit; Sisters in St. Benedict Joseph Labre Convent, Richmond Hill, 1966 [second from left]; Silver Jubilarians, September 1985 [top row, middle]; Recipient of a Bronze Pelican Award, from the Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocese of Brooklyn, Sept. 19, 2013; Principal, Saint Stanislaus Kostka School, Richmond Hill, 2015.


Today we celebrate Sister Margaret Sweeney who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Margie is a constant well-spring of compassion, answering needs whether spoken or unspoken.  Her availability is amazing.  She possesses the gift of making you feel you are special and unique.  Her spirituality, deep faith and trust are uplifting.

Sister Margaret Sweeney: In modified habit; Teacher, Grade 2, St. Angela Hall Elementary, Brooklyn, March 1975; Faculty, St. Angela Hall Elementary, 1974-1975; CSJ Community Day, May 1, 1979 [back row, second from right]; Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium, Oct. 1979 [with Sisters Karen Cavanagh and Roberta Oberle].


Today we celebrate Sister Thomasine Stagnitta who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Thomasine is loyal, straightforward, a faithful friend and possesses a dry wit.  She is someone with whom you always feel comfortable.  For many years Thomasine has continued to be a leader in education.  Grounded in our mission, Thomasine demonstrates a willingness to trust in God’s plan.

Thomasine Stagnitta:  as a 1959 Graduate, St. Brendan Diocesan HS, Brooklyn; in her modified habit; Silver Jubilarians, St. Joseph’s Convent, Brentwood, Sept. 1985 [front row, second from left]; Principal, Bishop Kearney HS, Brooklyn; Celebrating her 50th Jubilee at BKHS [with Sisters Joan Dillon, and John Joseph Dunphy]; Faculty, Bishop Kearney HS, Brooklyn, 2010-2011.


Today we celebrate Sister Maureen Skinner who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Maureen is someone who always makes you feel good about yourself. She is an efficient, generous person, willing to give her time to meet the needs of others.  Above all, she is a pilgrim in a globalized world always seeking and adapting to new ways of service in this new and ever changing world.

Maureen Skinner: In modified habit;  Teacher, Grade 7, St. Anthony of Padua School, E. Northport, 1967; Faculty photo, Academy of St. Joseph, Brentwood; two yearbook photos from 1994 ASJ, Brentwood – assisting one of her students, and teaching class.


Today we celebrate Sister Jane Marie Reilly who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Thoughtful, generous and fun are all words that describe Jane Reilly.  Jane’s love of her family, her ministry, her community is evident in everything she does.  When you are in Jane’s presence, she is truly present and responds with a care and concern that is genuine and sincere.  Her love of life reminds us all to stop and smell the roses – and have some fun!

Sister Jane Reilly:  Teacher at St. Anne’s School, Brentwood, 1971 [in modified habit];  With children in Hondo Valle, Dominican Republic; Leading Liturgy of the Word in the barricks, Hondo Valle, Dominican Republic; S. Helen Kearney, President, with her Councilors, August, 2011 [pictured from left: Sisters Jane Reilly, Pat Mahoney, Helen Kearney, Kathleen McKinney and Eugenia Calabrese]; Speaking at the 50th Anniversary of PRONTO of LI, held at The Watermill, June 5, 2019; Recipient of the Foundational Pioneer Award, presented at the 50th Anniversary of PRONTO of LI, June 5, 2019.


Today we celebrate Sister Ann Murphy who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Ann has the ability to lighten a tense situation with her humor.  Sensitive to the needs of others she is willing to go out of her way to assist anyone in need.  She is faithful to her   friends and remembers significant moments in their lives. Ann is known as the ‘gadget queen’ because she loves dabbling in all of the new technology.

S. Ann Murphy: Faculty, in St. Patrick’s Convent, Long Island City, NY, 1966 [S. Ann is third from right]; in modified habit; Teaching Math at Academia Maria Reina, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1984; file photo, taken late 1980s; and in Administrative Office at St. Joseph H.S., Brooklyn, 2005.


Today we celebrate Sister Patricia Anne Manning who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Patti opens our eyes to all the beauty around us and captures much of it in her photography, graphic design and other art forms. Her art is a revelation of her beautiful spirit.  Patti is an inspiration for her creativity, generosity, resiliency and all-embracing devotion to the service of others. Her net is always cast wide honoring every request from every person in every setting.

Patricia Manning: St. Pascal Baylon HS, St. Albans, yearbook photo, 1960; In modified habit; With her students at St. Angela Hall Academy HS, 1971; Faculty, St. Angela Hall Academy HS (seated on right, front row); Chairperson of the Art Department, St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, 1992; Sister Pat (in middle) at St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, 2018.


Today we celebrate Sister Joan Ann Killen who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Professional in her work and relentless in her dedication to her mission, Joan is the epitome of community, fidelity and devotion. When Joan sees a need she never has to be asked – she just takes care of it with great aplomb and humility.  Joan knows that a gentle word, a kind look, a good natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.

Photos of Sister Joan Ann Killen: In modified habit; With freshmen students at The Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica Estates, 1985; Leadership Team, S. Clara Santoro, President, 1986-1990. [pictured, left to right: Sisters Ann Beatrice Gibbons, Teresa de la Cruz, Therese Marie Camardella, Mary Bradley, Miriam Honora Corr, Joan Killen and Mary Raymonda Dillon]; As Regional Superior, Region III, 1986-1994; Leadership, under S. Angela Gannon, President, 1999-2000 [Sister Joan is the third from right].


Today we celebrate Sister Patricia Mary Doran who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Pat is generous and patient with a great sense of humor that can diffuse a tense situation. She demonstrates these  3 W’s:  someone who is Warm, Welcoming and Witty; a faithful friend and long-term presence at St. Frances de Chantal, Wantagh.

Patricia Mary Doran 1958 graduate photo, St. Joseph Commercial H.S., Brooklyn; as a young postulant; in modified habit, and with Sisters at St. Frances de Chantal Convent, Wantagh, Nov. 2002 [second from left].


Today we are celebrating Sister Noel Cullen who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.

Noel generously shares her gift of music with her prayerful song. Her voice and loving presence enhance so many of our Liturgies, Funerals, Retreats, Taize Prayer. Besides her gifts of music and spirituality, Noel shares her gentle, healing touch with her Convent Sister patients while strongly encouraging them to achieve their therapy goals.

Photos: S. Noel Cullen; Yearbook photo, O.L. of Perpetual Help HS, Brooklyn, June 1960; S. Noel in modified habit; Sisters in song [Noel with guitar] 1964; Noel with her mom, St. Joseph Villa, Hampton Bays; Meeting Pope John Paul II, October 1995; Physical Therapist, Maria Regina Residence, Brentwood; Sisters Kate Braet and Noel Cullen, Mardi Gras, St. Joseph Convent, Brentwood, 2011; Sister Noel with guitar at mass in Brentwood September 2020.


Today we celebrate Sister Jean Marie Amore who is celebrating her 60th Jubilee.
Jean is a giver of life! She shares her many gifts with those to whom she ministers along with her family and friends. Jean operates out of her heart and her success in her various ministries is due to her untiring commitment to those she so beautifully serves. Jean possesses the gift of presence and deep listening.
Photos of S. Jean Amore: Faculty, St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, 1981; Chairperson, Child Study Dept., 1979; Dedication of the Callahan Library, SJC, Patchogue, with S. George Aquin O’Connor, President of SJC, May 1990; Installation as President of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, August 2000 [pictured, left to right: Sisters Angela Gannon, Joan de Lourdes Leonard, Jean Amore, John Raymond McGann and Clara Santoro]; Leadership Team, August 2000 [pictured, left to right: Sisters Joanne Feulner, Miriam Lucille Montella, Lucy Blyskal, Jean Amore, Helen Kearney, Patricia Lucas, and Maryann McHugh; O.L. of Perpetual Help Parish Bay Ridge honors CSJs – 59th Street was designated Sisters of St. Joseph Boulevard, October 2004 [Sister Jean Amore, Sister Madeline Theresa DiCarlo, Principal OLPH, and Rev. Kevin Moley, CSsR, Provincial]; Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead, Graduation Commencement, June 1, 2019.


Today we celebrate Sister Frances Veronica Price who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Frances enriches our lives with her quiet, happy approach to the events of everyday life and her doing ‘what needs to be done’ attitude.  She has a great love for animals and appreciates all of God’s creation.

Sister Frances Veronica Price:

Faculty at O.L. of Lourdes Convent, Brooklyn, 1955 [Sister is in back row, right side at the end]; photo in modified habit; portrait of Sister Frances.

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Today we celebrate Sister Mary Veronica Morrin who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Mary is a faithful friend, possessing a good sense of humor and is a clear thinker    In her inimitable, calm way of thinking, Mary came up with a practical solution to the use of parish properties when she was Principal at Sacred Heart School in North Merrick.  Her love and generosity were gift to all at St. Joseph’s Convent during her time as co-superior.

1. Sister Mary Veronica Morrin photo in modified habit; 2. Faculty photo, TMLA Biology Dept., 1965; 3. St. Joseph Novitiate, Brentwood, 1951 [front row, right side, at the end]; 4. Sisters Mary Morrin, Anna Mildred Desiderio and Mary Helenita White, Thanksgiving in St. Joseph’s Convent, Brentwood.


Today we celebrate Sister Saint William McMahon who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

St. William was a welcoming presence at St. Michael’s, Flushing for over 35 years. Willie has a quiet, calm and pleasant demeanor.  She is gracious and kind to everyone.  As school secretary at St. Michael’s, Willie knew every student.  She was always active and quick to get things done from opening school in the morning to bidding farewell to the students as they left for home at day’s end.

Sister Saint William McMahon in modified habit; Sisters visiting the barn, St. Joseph Novitiate [third from the left]; Faculty, St. Robert Bellarmine School, Bayside, 1955 [seated, first Sister on left]; Sister Saint William at St. Michael’s, Flushing, 2008.


Today we are celebrating Sister Mary McConnell who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

In her early years Mary ministered in several of our high schools and was a model of professional excellence.  Her contributions to parents and students were appreciated   by all who were touched by her.  Mary’s deep faith and prayerful presence lead many people to seek her out as a spiritual director.  She is patient, insightful and understanding.  Her commitment to non-violence challenges us to Gospel witness.

Photos of Sister Mary McConnell: 1. Her faculty photo from TMLA 1968 yearbook. 2. S. Mary Louis [Mary] teaching Math, TMLA, 1968. 3. Faculty of St. Angela Hall Academy HS, 1979-1980 [S. Mary is seated in front row, third one in from the right]. 4. ASJ Class of 1942 Reunion Day, June 1991, ASJ Class of 1942 Reunion Day, June 1991. pictured, from left S. John Baptist Hull, CSJ, S. Mary McConnell, CSJ, Rev. James McConnell, and Anita McConnell Lang.


Today we celebrate Sister Helen Marie Lieberth who is celebrating her 70th Jubiliee.

A woman with a youthful and generous spirit, Helen is always ready to share her gifts with others.  Her very presence is one of compassionate healing.  Helen is creative and   always forward thinking.

Photos of S. Helen Marie Lieberth:

Sisters at St. Brendan’s Convent, Brooklyn, 1955 [S. Helen is in the middle row, sixth sister from the left]; Faculty at St. Athanasius School, Brooklyn, 1969-1970. Sister Helen was Principal [sitting in the middle, bottom row]; Sisters Edna McKeever and Helen Lieberth, on boardwalk in Rockaway Park, June 2009.


Today we celebrate Sister Mary Carmelina Lally who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Carmelina can be described as the scriptural Valiant Woman.  In her kindness she lifts up the needs of the infirm as a faithful volunteer at Maria Regina. She has been an integral part of Sacred Heart Parish, North Merrick for the past 14 years. Her mantra is “please never hesitate if I may be of assistance, I live right across the street!”  Carmie has a smile and a good word for everyone.

Photo 1: Sister Mary Carmelina Lally: Sister in modified habit. Photo 2. Novices at Recreation, St. Joseph Novitiate, Brentwood, 1951 [Sister at table, right side]. Photo 3. Faculty at St. John the Evangelist School, Brooklyn, 1955 [top row, fourth from left]. Photo 4: Sister Carmelina with her 5th grade class, St. Augustine School, Brooklyn, March 1977.

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Today we celebrate Sister Antoinette Marie Keyes who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

A woman of faith and service, Antoinette loves her family and friends and the children she taught with patience, kindness and love.  The hospitality of the Sisters of St. Joseph is evident in her life and she instilled this in her students by example, enabling them to help and share with one another.   In the summer her greatest joy was going on relief and vacation with her friends to Hampton Bays.

1. Antoinette Marie Keyes: Sister in modified habit. 2. Sisters in Tray Room, Infirmary, St. Joseph Convent, Brentwood, 1951 [sister is on the left]. 3. Immaculate Conception of BVM, Brooklyn, CSJs on Faculty, 1973 [fifth from left].


Today we celebrate Sister Joan Ann Dolan who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Always ready to assist, quick to laugh, deeply spiritual and a voice of sanity when that was needed.  Joan is a gentle, compassionate and faithful friend with a wonderful sense of humor and a twinkle in her eye.  Her strength when faced with challenges, her deep sense of prayer, love and devotion to friends and family are inspiring.  She continues to face Life’s challenges today, still with that wonderful sense of humor.

Photos 1: Joan Ann Dolan: Sister in modified habit. Photo 2: Baking in Nazareth Cottage, St. Joseph Novitiate, Brentwood, 1951 [third from left]. Photo 3: St. Michael’s School, Flushing, 1955 [front row, fourth from left]. Photo 4: Bishop Kearney HS Religion Dept.,1969.


Today we celebrate Sister Joan Ann Dillon who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Joan can be characterized as a woman of the CSJ Community.  Her selfless giving and energy have no bounds.  Her faithfulness and dedication to the Bishop Kearney community began on her first day over thirty years ago and extended to its last days.  Joan has also given countless hours of service to the Hamptons – Retreats, Vacations, Meetings.

Photo 1. S. Joan Ann Dillon: St. Augustine School Faculty, Park Slope, 1955 (back row, last one on right).  Photo 2. St. Joseph’s HS, Brooklyn, Math Dept., 1984. Photo 3. Portrait of S. Joan Ann Dillon (no date).


Today we celebrate Sister Rosemarie De Lauro who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Behind the quirky sense of humor, Rosemarie has always been a delightful, spirited and down to earth teacher.  Her faithfulness and quick wit have enriched so many of our lives.  Thank you, Rosemarie, for making us laugh so often.

Photos – 1. Rosemarie DeLauro in modified habit 2. St John the Evangelist School Faculty, 1955 3. St. Joseph Novitiate Library, Brentwood, 1952 [seated in middle].


Today we celebrate Sister Dorothy A. Delaney who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Dorothy exhibits a deep spirituality and possesses a dry wit.  She is, to this day, always interested in what is going on in the congregation.  Blessed with a mathematical mind, Dorothy has used her talents throughout her many ministries including those in Puerto Rico and in Congregational Finances.

Photos of Sister Dorothy Delaney from left to right clockwise: PR May 1964, Sister Dorothy is second in from the left; St. James Pro-Cathedral Convent, Brooklyn 1957-1958, Sister Dorothy is top row, third from left; San Jose Convent, Ponce, PR, Doctrina, 1967; Sisters in San Jose Convent, Ponce, PR, Sister Dorothy is second from right.


Today we celebrate Sister Evelyn Cutajar who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Upon meeting Evelyn, one becomes quickly aware of a devout religious who is wholeheartedly committed to her God, her congregation, her family and the people whom she serves.  She expresses with pride the ties she has with her parents’ homeland   . . .Malta, as she shares its history, its customs, its traditions and all that has shaped her quiet, peaceful and gentle nature . . .qualities which draw many people to her.

S. Evelyn Cutajar: modified habit; P1877, Novitiate, Sisters in Tray Room, Infirmary, St. Joseph Convent; c. 1951, S. Evelyn on the right; ASJ Elementary.



Today we celebrate Sister Stella Catherine Auricchio who is celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

Considered a beacon of community life at its best, Stella has always been warm, generous, humorous and a pillar of strength. One of the first full time campus ministers at Bishop Kearney HS, her calm demeanor and her ability to relate to the girls made her a valued member of the faculty.  Thank you always for your gentle wisdom, kindness and patience.

In 2015, Sister Stella reflected on a life of teaching, family for the National Catholic Reporter. The article can be found here.

Photo 1: S. Stella Catherine Auricchio at O.L. of Lourdes School, Brooklyn, Class 1b-2A, 1953-1954. Photo 2: St. Brendan’s HS, Teacher, Religion, 1978.


Today we celebrate Sister Patricia Maris Tully who is celebrating her 75th Jubilee.

A woman of practical wisdom, great generosity and kindness toward all, Pat is regarded as a gracious, caring and faithful friend.  She was a gifted teacher.  Whether at the elementary or high school level, the students loved her. In the Business Department at Bishop Kearney, she was knowledgeable and reliable and her expertise was always valued.

Photo 1: Sister Patricia Maris
Photo 2: Bishop Mugavero’s first Episcopal visit to St. Clare’s, Rosedale, 1968; S. Patricia Maris is kneeling in the front row, fourth from left.
Photos 4 and 5: Sister Patricia Maris at Bishop Kearney High School.



Today we celebrate Sister Joanna Ohlandt who is celebrating her 75th Jubilee.

Because of her intelligence and down to earth insights Joanna always sees the BIG picture. She truly embodies the qualities for which we all strive.  She shared her deep love of God with the people of Puerto Rico for many years.

Photo 1: S. Joanna Ohlandt with S. Joan de Lourdes Leonard in Colombia, South America, January 1981. Photo 2: Sister Clara Santoro with her Council, 1986; S. Joanna is on the far right. Photo 3: S. Joanna Ohlandt, Councilor, 1986.


Today we celebrate Sister Mary Jacqueline McDermott who is celebrating her 80th Jubilee.

Along with five other sisters, Jacqueline was among the first CSJs to graduate from St. Francis College.  Jacqueline was a Pioneer at St. Anne’s, Brentwood. While a 7th Grade teacher there, Jacqueline saw the classes grow from one on each grade level to three of every grade.  She enjoyed traveling with her friends and also with her close family.  Even now, she maintains her interest in travel, but now it is VIRTUAL.

Photo 1: Juniorate, Class of June 1940, S. Mary Jacqueline is in the second row, first one on the left.

Photo 2: St. Ann’s, Flushing, S. Mary Jacqueline is in the back row, last one on the right.

Sister Mary Jacqueline is pictured here in Sacred Heart Chapel at her 75th Jubilee (back row middle).




9/10/20 – Today we celebrate Sister James Annette McAuley who is celebrating her 80th Jubilee.

James Annette’s joyful spirit always brings smiles to those in her presence. She is not defined by her limitations but rises above them to show concern for others.  James makes people laugh and feel happier. She has always been able to embrace change with an inclusive attitude.

Sister James Annette is seen here (back row third from left) celebrating her 75th Jubilee.