CSJ Leads in Modeling a Sustainable Environment

Sister Karen Burke became the CSJ Coordinator of Land Initiatives for the Sisters of St. Joseph  in August 2016. Her goal was to implement the relationship of congregational  lands  to the Land Ethic Statement approved by the Sisters in 2015.  Since then she has led the congregation  in modeling best practices “that can be replicated throughout Long Island, because we all need to address these issues.” The goal is to preserve and respect the land and to provide an example for Long Island on what can be done..”It’s not just what we do on these 212 acres, but what are we doing that can model best practices for other people throughout the Long Island bioregion?” Sister Karen  says. “We’re going to be addressing water quality, we need to look at soil quality, we need to look at food. It’s a huge big issue, food, and where are we going to get our food from with climate change, and where are we going to get clean water?”Newsday published an article on these projects.  To read the article click here.