CSJ Testifies at NYS Assembly

 Water Quality Issues and the CSJs

We commit ourselves… To advocate for ethical principles in the treatment of our bioregion and to collaborate with individuals and groups who are committed to these principles. Sisters of St. Joseph Land Ethic Statement

As discussed at the Master Plan meetings for the Brentwood property, we have initiated steps to improve the sewage disposable system at our facility in a cost-efficient sustainable manner while reducing the nitrogen threat to the groundwater.  Based on the findings of the Wastewater feasibility study, the recommendation is to install two wastewater treatment systems: one Innovative/Alternative treatment system for the Maria Regina Skilled Nursing Facility and an Innovative Constructed Wetland treatment system for the remainder of the campus.  Cost information shows that the capital for designing, permitting, purchasing, and installing two I/A systems will be approximately $4,000,000.

The NYS Assembly conducted a hearing to examine the implementation of $2.5 billion in multi-year funding for water infrastructure projects contained in the 2017-18 NYS State Budget as well as the role of various programs in ensuring water affordability, and to examine water quality issues.  Sister Karen Burke provided testimony at the hearing  to highlight the need for the NYS Assembly to enable faith-based and not-for-profit organizations to provide compassionate care for Earth and water by receiving NYS funds on the same basis as all other groups.  Here is the link to Karen’s testimony to the NYS Assembly and Assemblyman Steve Englebright’s comments about the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The video clip is 15 minutes long.  Assemblyman Englebright’scomments are at the 9:00 minute mark.

Video of meetimg    https://youtu.be/SurIymZSN0g