CSJs Enter Cyberspace

During the past two weeks, approximately 80 sisters who had the “Computer Blues” attended classes focused on gaining familiarity with the method to access and surf web sites. The primary focus was on the Congregational web site which will be used extensively for communications from the President, Preferred Future Planning Committee, and Coordinating Committee. It also contains information on events, congregational news, and topics such as retreats, justice issues, ecology and development. This was the first of a series of similar sessions still in the planning stage. The Technology Committee is committed to aiding any sisters who want to become more computer literate and is open to working to meet their needs.


The presenters were:

S. Kerry Handal and Cathy Liberatori                 St. Joseph Convent, Brentwood

S. Karen Burke and S. Miriam Blake                 Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead

S. Grace Avila and S. Clara Santoro                 The Mary Louis Academy, Queens

Cathy Liberatori and Suzanne Mitchell               St. Joseph High School, Brooklyn