13227474_10154883057134937_7480591324437422251_oOn May 15, about 100 Brentwood residents sang and prayed for peace at Ross Memorial Park Sunday, surrounded by the paintings of Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama and other prominent peacemakers.

The Sisters of St. Joseph, led by Sister Heather Ganz, organized the “Gathering of Neighbors for Peace and Compassion,” along with several civic and faith groups, to “lift up the positive, lift up the good and lift up the community.

After several violent incidents took place last month in Brentwood, the community came 13244204_10154883058249937_6993218096413648481_otogether in a show of solidarity by meeting each other through the Gathering of Neighbors event in Ross Park. This event comes after a few violent incidents in the community last month. The body of a 29-year-old was found near Springfield Road, police believe the man was murdered. A week earlier, police say shots were fired near a woman and child on First Avenue.

gatheringMany hope the peace gathering has a positive impact on the entire community.