CSSJ Into The Future

Ten Sisters of St. Joseph from Brentwood joined 50 other Sisters of St. Joseph at a national gathering in Chicago from August 2 – August 5. They are members of the CSSJ Collaborative, sisters who are the younger members of their congregations within the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The focus of the meeting was “Self-emptying Love: Living the Vows for Our Time.”  These days spent in sharing. discussion, and prayer also provided the opportunity for the younger members of the Joseph congregations to join together and look to the future.  Members who were not able to attend personally had the option of joining the group through the use of Zoom technology. The direction of the group is expressed in their mission statement:

Drawn together as Sisters of St. Joseph, we recognize that God is doing something new in us. The urgency of the times impels us to channel the radical nature of our call and charism, claim our corporate voice, and create transformational change.