EV Charging Stations To Be Installed on CSJ Brentwood Campus

Through an affirmation of the CSJ Land Ethic Statement we committed “To monitor the ways in which we use and consume necessary products and to consider options for obtaining products that are not harmful to the land, the inhabitants, or the bioregion.” The Sisters of St. Joseph  are in the process of installing two dual-port ChargePoint Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers on our Brentwood campus that will enable four electric cars to be charged at any given time.  The cost for the purchase and installation of the charging stations will be reimbursed from the new Charge Ready NY Initiative a program administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The Congregation is paying the cost for the electrical work needed prior to installation.

Research indicates that up to 10% of employees will have plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) within the next five years. As more people begin driving EVs, they’ll need a place to charge. By offering EV charging on our campus, we will not only provide visitors and employees a much-needed service, we will also involve them in our sustainability initiatives. EV Charging stations will demonstrate a visible commitment to sustainability and influence visitors and employees to go green as well. By providing workplace charging, we will show leadership in supporting sustainable transportation options.  The U.S. Department of Energy found that having EV charging at work makes people 20X more likely to switch to an EV. As a green leader, we’ll be leading the transition to e-mobility, while demonstrating our commitment and foresight.

We anticipate that the charging stations will be fully operational by May 4.