Gracias de tushermanas!

It has almost been one year since hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through many Caribbean islands. Our sisters and their neighbors continue to the work of restoring the island, homes and ministries of the people. After her recent visit, S. Gloria Cruz, CSJ, Vicar of Puerto Rico, asked that her gratitude on behalf of all be shared.

‘Many thanks to each and every one, in particular at last month’s Convocation, for the continued donations towards helping those in need in Puerto Rico. The needs are still great especially in this summer season were children have very little activities due to lack of funding. Many are on the streets, hopefully avoiding trouble, and need attention and to be involved in useful, healing activities. The money from our recent collection was given to Centro San Francisco at their Tamarindo Center for their summer program. The money that had been previously donated is still being stretched for fixing roofs on houses, providing home needs such as beds, furniture, appliances, food and clothing. People remain grateful to our sisters, families and friends who have been our true benefactors.  May God continue to bless each and every one of you.  You certainly have made a difference.’

Our sisters in Puerto Rico take time to gather to give thanks for one another and for the support they continue to receive for hurricane recovery efforts.