Eighty-five years ago on September 14 , 1936, 15 young women gathered with 8 Sisters of St. Joseph in the parlor of the Rose Crest Mansion in Jamaica Estates and breathed life into a place we all know and love, The Mary Louis Academy. Over the past 85 years the graduates of TMLA have  impacted our world in every way imaginable. As leaders in their families and their communities, living the mission of inclusive love. Leaders in medicine and science, caring for the sick and discovering treatments and cures for some of the world’s worst illnesses. Leaders in law, education and the arts, imparting knowledge, justice, wisdom, beauty and the lessons learned in these hallowed halls to hundreds of thousands of students. Leaders in business, from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.  Leaders in public service, helping steer the course in an ever-changing world and society.  Leaders in spirit, serving as Sisters in 20 different religious communities, ordained ministers, social workers, counselors and social justice advocates, bringing peace, love and healing to those who need their help most. In every facet of life in our world, you will find a Mary Louis alum leading the way. We are so grateful for the vision and ambition of those 23 women who gathered on September 14, 1936. Their actions that day have quite literally changed the world. We thank all who have attended TMLA in the past 85 years and all those who ministered here as administrators, faculty and staff. We look forward to welcoming all those who will join our TMLA Family during our next 85 years.