LI Jobs with Justice is sponsoring a training that is directed to reach residents of the Town of Brookhaven who want to take action in support of undocumented immigrants facing ICE actions and deportation. This training is beneficial for Brookhaven town residents, their neighbors and others who are looking to organize in their own towns.
Deportations of undocumented immigrants are up 30 percent nationally and we are now witnessing increased ICE actions here on Long Island.  Just last week, an undocumented immigrant was going to receive sanctuary in a Town of Brookhaven church but was deported before he could do so.  This is why Long Island Jobs with Justice is intensifying their efforts to create community-based Rapid Response Networks with people on the ground able to verify an ICE presence, witness ICE actions, provide support to those being arrested or facing a court appearance and ultimately offer sanctuary to those facing deportation.
If you want to help in the Town of Brookhaven, you are invited to this training on how to create a Rapid Response Network in your Town of Brookhaven community on Saturday, October 7th, 9:30AM -12:30PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stony Brook.  See the enclosed flyer for details and registration information.  There is no fee for this training.