Laudato Si at The Mary Louis Academy

Tablet-TMLA_ecologyLiving Laudato Si at TMLA

 The Mary Louis Academy (TMLA), Jamaica Estates, is working toward making Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ a reality.The papal encyclical appeals for an inclusive dialogue about how humans are shaping the future of the planet.

Utilizing a grant from the NYC Department of Parks, TMLA students from the Service Homerooms recently refurbished all of the tree beds along Edgerton Blvd. and Wexford Terrace outside of the school and convent.

TMLA has reclaimed two unused sections of its campus and returned them to green space. For decades each space was a large cement area and now both house plants native to Long Island. Non-toxic fertilizers are used when necessary in order to avoid any further pollution of the land. TMLA has selected native plants that attract butterflies and bees (milkweed and black-eyed-Susans among others) in order to contribute to the building up of declining populations.

The faculty and students of TMLA hope that their action will be a spur to all who visit the campus and encourage others to respond to the needs of the planet and take actions to support the pope’s call to be responsive and responsible stewards of Mother Earth.