Leadership Development Program for Sisters of St Joseph held in Racine, Wisconsin

Leaders as LeavenOn December 6, twenty-eight sisters among the younger members of their communities gathered to begin a year of further honing and developing their leadership skills at the first Leaders as Leaven program sponsored by the US Federation for its sisters. The sisters from the Brentwood community are S. Joan Gallagher, S, Marie Mackey, and S. Susan Wilcox. S. Jean Amore is also part of the program in the capacity of mentor. S. Karen Burke is a member of the intercongregational planning committee for this program.

Sr. Barbara Bozak welcomed the group and set the tone on Thursday evening. An opening ritual with a symbolic use of scarfs as part of the ambiance and the prayer set the stage for what looks to be a powerful five day session.

The readings used in the opening prayer focused on leadership.  Sr. Mary Dacey spoke as part of the prayer and urged the participants to see the importance of leadership at this moment in history in religious life and the world.

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  Addenda: Due to the weather  both arriving and returning were problems. Much time was spent in the airport waiting to board planes!

Return from Racine