Long Island Community Foundation Grant

We are pleased to announce that through our CSJ Land Initiatives we have received a $20,000 grant from the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF) to support two environmental habitat restoration projects on the Brentwood campus. The goals of the two projects are to restore patches of native plant species through native grass meadows and improve water quality that is recharged into the aquifers through the creation of a raingarden. The grant also includes funds for signage in each area to educate the public about wildlife habitat and habitat restoration, water quality issues, and human impacts on the environment.

Project One: Create a 2,300 sf. raingarden near the organic farm, barn and community garden parking lot entrance. The stormwater from the parking and roadway leading to the community garden and farm will be directed towards a large open raingarden near the intersection. The raingarden will provide water quality improvements while creating aesthetic beauty and be primarily a pollinator habitat garden for the nearby existing hives and help direct the pollinators to the community and organic farms. A secondary project benefit will be the useful function that the native pollinators provide.Rain gardens are designed to direct polluted runoff into a low, vegetated area, where the pollutants can be captured and filtered before the water is recharged into the aquifers.

Project Two: The construction of a five-acre native grass meadow on the front lawn for the specific purpose of providing habitat for various insect and bird species in the Long Island bioregion. Native grasses are extremely drought tolerant and have a distinct survival advantage over non-natives during the summer months. In hot weather, cool season plants wilt or turn to brown crunch, while native grasses are growing vigorously and showing off their green-hence their name, “warm season” grasses.



Read more about raingardens at www.longislandraingardens.com.