LINLA Tours Our Campus

Long Island Nursery and Landscape Association held its Summer Twilight Tour on our Brentwood campus. Forty attendees came to see our sustainable projects and to hear about our Land Ethic.  They were interested and enthusiastic about our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and to protect. preserve and restore the land at Brentwood.  Luke J. Gervase and Caroline Schnabl from LIISMA and LINPI Inc led the tour of the Founder Plot, new Greenhouses, Rain Garden, Landscape Meadow and the Solar Array,  John D. Werner, Supervising Forester NYSDEC- Region 1 spoke on The Southern Pine Beetle’s Infestation of Long Island’s Forests: Status, Trends, and St. Joe’s Success Story. The group was very enthusiastic and we look forward to further opportunities to share information and expertise.