For the past two years the St. Joseph Worker Committee has been researching and learning all that goes into having a volunteer program supported by the congregation. The more they came to know the more committed they were to establishing the program that would be transformative for the young women who would commit to a year of service in order to bring about a social change. During the year of service, participants or ‘workers’, learn about, experience and develop more deeply the values of justice, leadership, spirituality and living simply in community.

Meet SJW Jessica Brown

Jessica (Jessie) Brown is from Boise, Idaho where she attended Bishop Kelly High School before going on to study at the University of Portland, Oregon. A sense of service has been a part of Jessie’s life. She has been of service at the Shepherd Academic Resource Center. Jessie also assisted with a research grant on Intercultural Feminist Theology analyzing the suffering of women in under developed countries and how their stories create a global imperative for the Church.  She has just completed a year with the Tao volunteers in Wisconsin teaching in a Nativity middle school.

Drawn by the core values of the SJW Program, Jessie desires to focus on social justice in the field of education. Jessie will be serving as a Religion teacher and assist with Campus Ministry at St. Joseph High School, Downtown Brooklyn.