Our Statement On Recent Gun Violence

As Sisters of St. Joseph our vocation calls us to the essential; loving and being Love. This is the essence in which we face conflict, disorder and violence. We believe this is the core of all humanity and when lived moves us all to another level of oneness. Our hearts grow heavy when our experience is other and yet we commit to persist in our belief.

The continued gun violence in Dayton, El Paso and Gilroy, the separation of families and divisive rhetoric targeted towards others and our global community perpetuates the illusion of separation; stoking fear and anxiety, stirring hatred and violence. This is the antithesis of the Love who created all and calls us to co-create in a loving manner.

In accepting our responsibility in being Love we join our voices and exercise our sphere of influence and call uponCongress to act responsibly and worthy of the office they were elected to. We will continue to call our elected officials to accountability topass restrictive gunlaws that protect all people,to just immigration reform and an end to family separation, and to speak with civility in all their encounters.

Take Action: Contact your elected officials and call them to work toward immediate restrictive gun laws and immigration reform that prevents separation of families at the border and allows our neighbors to seek asylum.

US Capitol switchboard:  (202) 224-3121, Contact Your Representative, Contact Your Senator

White House switchboard:  (202) 456-6213

Let us hold in our hearts the victims and their loved ones, the perpetrators, and the countless number of witnesses, first responders, and law enforcement personnel whose lives have been deeply affected by these senseless acts of violence and cruelty.