As the United States continues to try to flatten the curve of the coronavirus many places that would normally welcome sisters, associates, and partners in mission for retreat have cancelled their programs. This July, Mary Rowell, CSJ of Canada, was scheduled to guide a retreat at St. Joseph Villa, Hampton Bays. Not wanting to cancel or postpone Jeanne McGorry, CSJ, Director of Spirituality, consulted with Mary and it was decided to invite sisters into the digital realm for their retreat. From July 15th to July 21st, fifteen sisters and associate participated in our first on-line retreat experience. With courage and patience these women pioneers connected on the Internet via Zoom and with prayer, guided reflections and sharing of the heart deepened their ‘inner-nets’with God and one another. The retreat focused on Hospitality of Heart with a deeper exploration into hospitality of heart within our identity, the life of community and expansive love all grounded and encountered in Divine Hospitality. With each passing day these women navigated the large group session and evening breakout room sharing with greater ease and the depth of sharing enriched all. While the experience at St. Joseph Villa was missed, these women showed that all is interconnected and through the hospitality of the Divine all can be one!

Pictured: The faces of retreat facilitator, Mary Rowell, CSJ, bottom left of screen with other Sisters of St. Joseph and Associate, Sister of St. Dominic and Infant Jesus show the joy of both giving and receiving hospitality!