Recommit to Racial Justice Event

On Sunday, Sept. 29, a spectacularly pleasant early fall day, 40 sisters, associates, St. Joseph Workers and neighbors committed to forgo the beautiful day outdoors and spend the afternoon grappling with the deep and often uncomfortable work of racism and white supremacy.  The Kick-off event sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph was facilitated by Colleen Ross, Communications Manager for Network Lobby based in Washington, DC.   Colleen is the primary author of  Network Advocate’s Recommit to Racial Justice Guide.  She led the group through the introductory chapter of the guide utilizing information, meditation, reflection and discussion. She also showed a 6-minute video by Robin D’Angelo author of White Fragility: Why Its So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.  Coincidentally, this book is the latest selection for the Nonviolence Group.  All are encouraged to read along with the Non-Violence Group.  An audio of the event  is available here.  Soon will begin registration for the foundational module,  Common Understanding of Race and RacismFor more information, contact the planning group at  or contact the Office of Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation at