Rural and Migrant Ministries

In the past three years, the Sisters of St. Joseph have been collaborating with Rural and Migrant Ministries, a state-wide, faith-based ministry that helps farmworkers and other under-served residents of New York State. Connecting with farmworkers recalls congregational members and leaders in the 1970’s who espoused the values and actions of Cesar Chavez as he exposed the degrading circumstances that farmworkers suffered as they labored to produce our food supply. Fifty years and counting, farmworkers today are still denied worker labor guarantees like a mandatory day off, overtime pay, paid health and disability benefits and a hazard-free working environment.

Rural and Migrant Ministry has given 30 years of service and programs to farmworkers in upstate New York designed as a mission of Hope, Justice and Empowerment. Recently RMM began a ministry to the farmworker community on Long Island’s East End intending those same goals and more. Farmworkers on Long Island now have CASA – The Center of Alliance, Solidarity and Accompaniment located in Riverhead.

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