Invocation at SJC Scholarship Gala
Honoring Sister Elizabeth Hill

November 8, 2013

God of all being, creator, sustainer and spirit of unconditional love, we call upon your presence this evening as we honor Sister Elizabeth Hill for her dedicated service to the mission of Saint Joseph’s College. Founded in 1916 to promote higher education for women, the college met a particular need in that time in history. The tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph has been to look at the needs of the time and to do all that is possible to meet them. The sisters along with dedicated faculty and staff have continued to look at the needs of the times and with passion and purpose have taken resourceful initiatives to meet them. It is this creative dynamic that has enabled the college to expand and grow for close to 100 years. Committed to provide a strong academic and value-oriented education at the undergraduate and graduate level the college community believes in the development of the whole person fostering self-respect and human dignity. We know the motto of the college “Esse non videri,” to be, not to seem, is integral to the mission of the college.

We thank God for the leadership of Sister Elizabeth Hill who has given soul and substance to this motto. Faithful to the values and world view of those who came before her from her own dear parents with her mother a first alum and her predecessor Sister George Aquin, she has faithfully represented the heart of the college to numerous organizations and multiple communities.

In your Spirit, Creator God, she has enlivened the face of the college through new facilities for academics, healthy recreation, sports, and student services as well as advanced and expanded programs and collaborations.

In your Spirit, Sustainer God, Sister Elizabeth has been faithful in promoting a sense of community, embracing diversity, supporting the common good, promoting social justice, non-violence and the stewardship of our natural world while holding fast to the values of academic excellence and joy-filled, student- centered learning.

In your Spirit of unconditional love, Sister Elizabeth has been diligent in the appreciation of cultural diversity, fostering a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement, while inviting all into a greater understanding of our place in the global community.

So tonight we give thanks to God for all here present and all who have been part of the St. Joseph’s College Community since its beginning. We are grateful for all who help to sustain the college by their support and those who planned this event. We are nourished by the food we are about to share, remembering all who labored to harvest and prepare it and those who cannot be fed. Most of all we give thanks for Sister Elizabeth, a Sister of St. Joseph, our sister, and ask God to continue to bless her with the courage, wisdom, wit and strength she has shown all during her Presidency. May she continue to be, not to seem in her new endeavors.           AMEN
S. Helen Kearney, CSJ
President of the Sisters of St. Joseph