S. Karen Burke named to Federation Leadership Steering Committee

Federation Leadership Program Takes Shape

In the traditional understanding, leadership has often been considered the forte of a few – those at the head of an organization or having a position of authority.  With a paradigm shift in this understanding, with leadership seen more as partnership than patriarchy, more as creatively working together than top-down control, it becomes clear that every person needs to develop leadership skills.  And as Bob Anderson of The Leadership Circle, so well stated, the empowerment of ourselves as leaders “is intimately connected to the transformation of the world.”  These are some of the ideas that underpin the Federation Leadership Program which is moving from dream to reality.

The first step toward beginning the program, that of identifying the participants and mentors for it, has begun.  Last week the federation leaders received a letter asking for names of prospective participants and mentors for the 2013-2014 program, slated to begin in early December.  Once the participants and mentors are named, direct communication with them will begin, giving the program more visibility with a greater number of individuals directly involved.

The work of developing the details of the program begins in earnest with the first meeting of the Steering Committee:  Sisters Mary Barrar (Philadelphia), Margaret Belanger (St. Paul – Carondelet), Karen Burke (Brentwood) and Joan Sobala (Rochester). This group will play an important role as they work with the program director, Barbara Bozak (West Hartford – Chambéry).

Their first face-to-face meeting will be held May 28-30, 2013 in West Hartford, CT, during which they will get to know one another, establish the framework for their tasks and begin to elaborate the content, presenters and process for the program.  Many Federation members, not only leaders, have expressed their enthusiasm for this program, which we hope will guide many to recognize and develop their own leadership capacities in the coming years.