SHA Students Present Research In D.C.

A group of Sacred Heart Academy students received invitations to present their psychological research projects at the Association of Psychological Science (APS) National Convention in Washington D.C. in May.

This honor is most unusual because only a few dozen pre-collegiate researchers have been asked to present their original work in the 31 years that the APS has held its annual conference.

At this convention, scholars from all over the nation and the world gather to network and share cutting-edge insights. The Sacred Heart Academy students, consisting of nine seniors and three juniors, will present and discuss their original research alongside professional researchers.

“We all feel extremely humbled to be invited to present our research alongside undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs,” Colleen O’Connor ’19 said. “We are also honored to have the chance to speak to and learn from experts in the field.”

Sacred Heart Academy’s Science Research Director Stephen Sullivan encouraged the students to submit their respective projects to the convention, suggesting Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Educational Psychology as relevant subfields.

“Sacred Heart Academy, especially the science research program, has offered so many great opportunities from day one,” said Madison Ekstrom ’20. “This opportunity in particular will prepare me for a future in the STEM field from independent research as an undergraduate student to Master’s and doctoral theses. I am very excited to represent Sacred Heart Academy on a national stage.”

The Convention will take place from May 23-29, 2019.

Below is a list of the students, the researchers who assisted them, and the titles of their projects:

  • Post-Hurricane Maria Impact on the Well-Being of Teenage Girls in Puerto Rico by Claire Carney, Caroline Doran, Grace Doran and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


  • Draw a Scientist: The Impact of High School Environment on Gender-Specific Science Stereotypes by Lauren M. Bennett1, Meghan Casey1, Bhawan Sandhu2 and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.1 | (1)Sacred Heart Academy, (2)Lawrence High School


  • Can Mindful Eating Protect Against Body Self-Objectification and More Generalized Wellness Variables Among Adolescent Females? by Sofia Maurina Di Scipio, Sophia Poarch, and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


  • The Influence of Moral Information on Perceptions of Competence in Adolescent Females by Callie Anne Coors, Colleen Marie O’Connor, Madison Ekstrom and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


  • Ink Color As a Factor Undermining Teacher Encouragement in a Homogeneous (Single Sex) School by Emily Moran and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.


  • Are Teens Who Grow up in Diverse Neighborhoods More Likely to Exhibit Greater Prosocial Behavior? by Regan E. Carroll and Stephen J. Sullivan, Ph.D.