We, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Brentwood, New York, profess that everyone is born into the family of God and is created equal in God’s sight.   This vision and mission calls us to be in union with God whose power, presence and love create the bonds of compassion and care we show toward one another.   We live and work to be just, non-violent and responsive to human needs.  We are partners with others in the arduous but joyful task of promoting a society that affirms each one’s human dignity.

The violence that occurred in Charlottesville demonstrates a reality in sharp contrast to these beliefs embraced by the Sisters of Saint Joseph and  by people of good will toward others.  The denial of human dignity perpetrated in that event is an offense to human dignity everywhere.  Moved by shock and grief in the face of the hatred we have seen, we experience a heart-felt need and  moral obligation to console the families who lost loved ones and to mourn with the people of Charlottesville.

We are in solidarity with communities across our country who reject racism, white supremacy and any form of fear and power that seeks to diminish or destroy people’s human dignity and human rights.

We commit ourselves to a determined opposition to narratives of hatred and injustice.  We will resist actions intended to justify those beliefs and to impose them on others.    In the places where we live and work, we will strive to heal divisions and to address racist and xenophobic attitudes  as well as  the systems that support these ideologies.  We will seek unity of purpose with those around us who have embraced the challenge of creating a society that celebrates diversity, dignity and equality.