St. Joseph Worker Joins Albany Lobby Day

St. Joseph Worker Nicole Skaluba, who is working in the CSJ JPIC office, was one of over 500 people who joined with RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison) to lobby at the state capital in Albany. Those who were present lobbied to begin to scale back long and life sentences in New York State, promote the release of long serving incarcerated older people, and reunite families and communities. New Yorkers across the state are pushing for two pending legislative initiatives:

Fair & Timely Parole (S.497A): A bill that would change the parole release process in New York State ensure that people are evaluated for release based on who they are today and not their crime of conviction.

Elder Parole (S.2144): A bill that would allow people aged 55 or older who have served 15 or more years in prison a chance at release, regardless of their sentence or crime of conviction.

While there has been some progress in regards to these bills they have not yet made it to the floor for a vote. Stay tuned to the efforts to make this happen!

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