Sow A Seed

A good comparison for the investment many congregational members made in Rural and Migrant Ministry recently is from the parable about the mustard seed.  The smallest of all seeds becomes a tree that has great value to many of God’s creatures whom the tree provides for.   Recently, many small  donations from Sisters and Associates were able to start a  summer camp experience for the children of farmworkers in Riverhead, the site of the new worker center.  And on August 1 and 2,   2 teams of  sisters and associates (including congregational leadership) will be part of the camp meal program – providing a picnic one night and a chicken dinner another for these young people.    If you can participate in another call to action from Rural and Migrant Ministry you will be responding to the emergency noted in the e-mail I am forwarding.  Everything you need to know is included.  If you choose to “accept this mission” (challenging but not impossible) click on the link that says invest in them or Yeg’s New Van.  Thanks for your help in resources and in prayer.

When the screen for the donation comes up, it starts with $25, but you can modify that when you click on it.  The next screen can be edited.  Just delete the $25 and type in anything of your choice from $10 to $24. .  Then continue to add the donor identification they ask for including your credit card number.  The fee for processing your donation will be $1.09 (for a $10 donation so that the $10  goes to RMM eho don’t pay a fee for the service.

We are asking you to donate $10, and we ask you to find 9 other people who can donate just $10 for the members of the Youth Economic Group. 

              If we can get three thousand people each giving $10 – 

                                            YEG gets a new van!                                                          


YEG members have:

  • created their own cooperative business: Bags for Justice
  • created jobs for themselves and youth members of their community
  • designed, created and successfully marketed fair-trade shirts and bags that remind us of the good in all of us
  • As far as we know they are the only youth Union Affiliate in the United States
  • As far as we know, they are the only youth cooperative in the United States
  • Over 95% of the graduates of the Program have gone to college
  • They are pretty impressive!  

    But now they have no way to get to their program.


    Unless you Donate $10 

    & ask 9 of your friends to donate too. 



    The Members of YEG are so committed that each of them has given $10 – and they have asked their friends to each give $10.

      Click below to see how many have Donated – and to add your $10.


                                     INVEST IN THEM!!