Spirituality of Bread Making Retreat Day

The Garden Ministry held its first Spirituality of Bread-Making Retreat with ten of our garden volunteers and friends.  Having had the experience of growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, grinding and baking our own wheat, we began by recognizing our profound connection with soil, water, sun, and Earth herself.  As we continued through the process of making bread, we reflected on each step and pondered our connections to seed savers, farmers, bakers and eaters across time and space.  We got our hands involved and kneaded the diverse ingredients into one beautiful ball o fdough as we prayed that “all may be one.”  We practiced the art of rest as we waited for the dough to rise, and we engaged in meaningful conversation as it rose a second time and baked.  We ended our day together by sharing Eucharist, “fruit of the earth and work of human hands.”  It did become for us the bread of life.