St. Joseph Villa, Hamptons Bays Partners with Local Ecological Culture Initiative:
We recently signed a lease to allow the Ecological Culture Initiative (ECI) of Hampton Bays to create raised bed teaching gardens on our grounds at St. Joseph Villa. Founded in January of 2016, the Ecological Culture Initiative is a local non-profit that develops environmental programing and field projects in collaboration with community groups, cultural institutions, and government. ECI develops permaculture-based pilot projects throughout the community. The ECI Teaching Garden will be a hands-on, adult beginner organic gardening opportunity. Members will learn how to plant, cultivate, harvest, and preserve produce from a shared garden space on the area of our property near the main gate (60′ x 120′ plot).  The goal of the ECI Teaching Garden program is to empower community members with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to produce their own homegrown organic vegetables. Sisters, family members, and visitors to our Villa will have the opportunity to see how food is grown on site, organically, and with methods of ecological design supported by our CSJ Land Ethic statement. Read more about ECI at