TMLA Learning, and Leadership Program at Brentwood

On Wednesday, 15 Seniors from the Service, Learning, and Leadership Program went to Brentwood. While there, there was a tour of the Brentwood property by Sister Joan Gallagher and a ‘Cosmic Walk’ through the pristine forest, which outlined the creation of the universe, earth, and humans. During this Walk, there was an emphasis on ‘one-ness’ and if we see ourselves as part of one thing and interconnected with one another, the hope is that we will begin to care and appreciate each other.

The Seniors then examined the solar panel farm which provides over 60% of the energy for the Brentwood property and learned about the organic farm and gardens on the property. Sister Mary Lou, Amanda Furcall, and Heather Ganz helped explain what their role on the property was and gave the students different projects to assist with during the visit.

The Sisters who permanently live in the Maria Regina Residence received cards and gifts from our SLL Program.

This trip to Brentwood is to aid in the importance of keeping the CSJ Mission alive and in bringing young people to Brentwood, the Mission can live on through their experiences and be applied to their own lives.

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