TMLA Students Study the Realty of Hunger and Poverty

TMLA Sophomore Service, Learning and Leadership students participated in an on-campus retreat, led by SLL Homeroom Advisor Mrs. Josephine Russo. In addition to discussions of the realities of hunger and poverty, the students also explored the greater impact that these experiences can have on individuals and families.
After school, a group of seven SLL students and Ms. Ellie Siwicki, SLL Coordinator, volunteered at Xavier Mission in Manhattan. There, the students prepared Thanksgiving meals which would be served to over one thousand individuals in need over the next few days.
By volunteering at Xavier Mission, the students were able to witness first-hand the struggles that people facing food insecurity deal with on a daily basis.
A special thank you to Alumna Roxanne de la Torre, Class of 2005, who serves as the Director of Outreach at Xavier Mission, and helped to organize this enriching opportunity for our SLL students.