Trees for Puerto Rico

As the people of Puerto Rico continue to restore some normalcy to life in the aftermath of hurricane Maria, \wecontinue our support and assistance.

Sister  Gloria Cruz, CSJ, one of our Sisters who is a native Puerto Rican, has suggested support for Para la Naturaleza, a nonprofit in Puerto Rico. This organization is doing great work and is very much in line with our mission.

Among their work is the restoration of trees that have been lost during the hurricanes. Para la Naturaleza provides each person and each community with transformative experiences in nature that inspire and motivate concrete actions in favor of its protection, such as doing volunteer work, donating money and land, or establishing conservation easements. The organization leads educational programming, volunteer events in citizen science or natural area management and fundraising initiativAfter the recent hurricanes, Para la Naturaleza created the Para la Naturaleza Community Fund.

Money received through this fund has been used to help communities that had immediate needs, reforestation efforts and helping farmers in ecological agriculture. Now, Para la Naturaleza has created Hábitat, which will be the program in charge of the planting of 750,00 native trees in the next 7 years.

Donations can be received through this Fund on Para la Naturaleza’s web page:
or by mail at: Para la Naturaleza PO Box 9023554 San Juan, PR 00902-3554

Checks should be made payable to Para la Naturaleza.