Women of the Resistance

Women of the Resistance is a series of interviews by Dr. James Bertsch with female leaders awakened by the anti-Trump Resistance. Each woman has an agenda she feels will make her neighborhood, our nation and our world a better place.

On October 26, we will hear from Sister Karen Burke, CSJ, Ed.D. Karen is the Coordinator of Land Initiatives for the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, NY. Besides her educational doctorate, Karen is credentialed in Sustainable Innovation. As a member of her faith community, the Sisters of St. Joseph, Karen has moved her community to become Long Island’s definitive leader on environmental justice. Karen is also the recipient of the Long Island Progressive Coalition Award Long Islander Who Has Made A Difference. Karen walks the walk. She recently protested child separation in Washington, D.C. and accepted the consequences of this act of civil disobedience. Read more about Sr. Karen Burke, Ed.D. here: http://ruralmigrantministry.org/karen-burke