SHA Student Does Research Project at MSK

Sep 22, 2022


Meet Evalina Lentini, a Rising Junior at SHA! Evalina interned at Memorial Sloan Kettering in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis program this summer. She will be continuing research at Memorial Sloan Kettering during the school year and next summer as well in Dr. Yu Chen’s lab which researches prostate cancer. Dr. Yu Chen’s lab focuses on researching how transcription factors mediate prostate cancer oncogenesis. Her project is to determine if two drugs, ARV-110 and enzalutamide, are effective as androgen receptor degraders in two prostate cancer cells lines (LNcaP-empty and LncaP-FOSL1). The androgen receptor (AR) is responsible for the progression of AR dependent prostate cancer cells. As almost all prostate cancers begin in an androgen receptor dependent state, my findings of ARV-110’s and enzalutamide’s ability to degrade the androgen receptor can be used as a reference for future treatment and possible improved clinical outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

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