Sister Carol Marie Borges, CSJ

Jan 15, 2015

Sister Carol Marie Borges, CSJ died  on January 14, 2015 in the 65th year of her religious life.

Sister Carol Borges, was a Sister of Saint Joseph for sixty-four years. As Sisters of Saint Joseph we believe in the power and presence of a loving God working in and through all creation. We strive to bring all into union with God and one another. Your presence here today is a witness to the power of relationships in our lives.

Carol knew the depth of God’s love for her in her own life. In spite of challenges she did what needed to be done to bring people hope, healing, joy and a sense of self-worth. She nurtured relationships wherever she was present. As teacher, administrator and religious education in Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Martha’s, St. Gabriel’s and St. Leo’s, Carol built relationships wherever she was present.

Respect for the dignity of all is inherent in the gospel message of Jesus and
Carol diligently ministered to foster understanding, acceptance and trust that God is with us in all the struggles we face. Our world is complex and as Sisters of St. Joseph we strive to provide for the greatest need. Carol lived the mission of our congregation through her deep spirituality, meaningful ministries and as a congregational woman, living in community with Rosemary and Katherine for over forty years. She brought Christ’s message of inclusive love to all she met.

As sisters, associates, family and friends our greatest tribute to Carol would be to remember her prayerfulness, faithfulness and compassion so we can imitate it in our own lives.


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