Sister Elizabeth Graham

Dec 5, 2023

Liz Graham.jpg

Sister Elizabeth was a former math teacher at Christ the King High School. In 2007 she was asked to become the Campus Minister. After considering the invitation she agreed and her enthusiasm talking about her role indicates that it was a good choice.

 Sister Elizabeth (Liz) obviously loves her” kids” and they love her. She sees in them a hunger for something beyond themselves. It is something they don’t find in many places, and she tries to provide that experience for them. Among the opportunities she provides is “Today’s Thoughts”, her personal brief daily reflection on scripture.

The CSJ charism is love of God and neighbor and she tries to bring that to her young people. By relating on a human level, she hopes to show them how God is present in all people and connects all of them.

Sister Elizabeth’s experience is that “Each day brings a new surprise!” Everybody is overwhelmed and has little free time she says, but she finds her colleagues and administration very supportive of her efforts. Her motto is “Do what you can where you can as you can.”

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