Sister Jane Carolyn Fritz, CSJ

Mar 28, 2022

We gather to celebrate the grace-filled life of Sister Jane Carolyn Fritz (formerly Sister St. Aloysius), a Sister of St. Joseph for 59 faithful and fruitful years.  The suddenness of Jane’s death touches us deeply and leaves an emptiness in our lives.   As we mourn her loss our faith in the Resurrection brings us peace.

Born to Herbert and Florence Fritz, Jane and her 2 sisters, Barbara and Judith, grew up in St. Anastasia’s Parish in Queens.  After graduating from Bishop McDonnell High School, Jane attended Hunter College for one year and then entered the Sisters of St. Joseph.  The wonderful, exciting world of education became the center of Jane’s life where her incredible talents, love of learning and deep spirituality changed the lives of countless young people and those with whom she worked.

Jane lived for 38 years in the loving community of Our Lady of Lourdes, West Islip and we’re grateful that Sister Diane Liona will share a reflection on Jane’s full and beautiful life.
S. Tesa Fitzgerald, CSJ

Sometimes not often enough
We reflect upon the good things
And those thoughts always center around those we love
And we think about those people who mean so much to us
And for so many years have made us so very happy
And we count the times we have forgotten to say “thank you”
And just how much we love them….

Jane’s death leaves a void in all of the places her presence has graced….and among the people whose lives she has touched…

I met Jane in the Novitiate in 1965, and we worked together on the retreat programs for a few years.  Once we were assigned to our respective parishes, we continued to meet regularly to develop mini-retreats for our peers looking for spiritual enrichment.  Some of you may have participated in the ones we had both at Our Lady of Lourdes and at her Aunt Dot’s and Uncle Don’s home in Southampton.

While she was teaching in St. Pat’s in Smithtown, she began the Baptism Program with parishioners and clergy.  Jane worked on the At Home Retreat program for women seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus.

In 1976, she became one of the three “Glastonbury Girls” who began a 48 year relationship with the monks of Glastonbury Abbey which was a spiritual lifeline for her.  Her last visit there was in December.  The Abbot called me to express his sadness at her passing and assured me that they would keep all of us in the daily prayer of the Abbey.

She loved scripture and liturgy and was pursuing a degree in Theology until the college administration asked her seek instead technology.  While still teaching full time, she pursued Masters and Doctoral studies at Stonybrook University. In a department where she was told these degrees were not for women, she graduated with honors, although whenever Edie would call, her office mate would remind her:  Him no here.

Jane’s academic and professional milestones at St. Joseph’s college were many:

She began the computer Science and math program,
She initiated an internship program for the students,
Her membership in State and National science organizations led to grant approvals across the country, as well as making available projects in Brookhaven National labs.
She received numerous medals and awards and fellowships in NYS organizations, and co-authored two books.

Most importantly, however, is the outpouring of admiration, gratitude and love that her students and colleagues have for her.  She touched so many lives with her gentle presence and her unwavering commitment to those who needed advice, support and guidance. On a personal level, I will miss her quiet acts of kindness, her quest for spiritual growth and her sense of prayerfulness.
S. Diane Liona, CSJ

Sister Jane Carolyn Fritz, the former Sister St. Aloysius, died on March 27, 2022, in the 59th year of her religious life.

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