Sister Linda Marie Vdorick, CSJ

Jan 5, 2021

We celebrate the life of Linda Marie Vdorick, a Sister of St. Joseph for fifty eight years. I repeat that we are here to celebrate because that is what Linda would want us to do as she lived her life present to others, encouraging them and bringing hope, healing and humor where it was needed. Look at the image of Linda on your booklet. Is that not an image of life, joyful, buoyant and full of zeal, the life we celebrate today?

Linda was born in Brooklyn to Marie and Theodore and attended St. Edmond’s High School. Through those years she and her brother Teddy created a bond of love and care that would last a lifetime. Linda entered our congregation and earned an LPN from Huntington Hospital School of Nursing and an RN from Kings County Hospital School of Nursing. She earned a Degree in Community Health from St. Joseph’s College.

Nursing has been described as both an art and a science, a heart and a mind. For Linda we add dedication and zeal. Her lifelong dedication and zeal moved her to minister here in Brentwood in St. Joseph Convent and our Maria Regina Residence.

Linda’s heart lured her to minister in Kings County Hospital, Mary Immaculate Hospital and in emergency medicine in Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Her presence brought energy and humor that accompanied  her exceptional skills. Her mind, always active, Linda pursued studies in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and provided training in this specialized field. Her dear friend, Dr. Bill Lowe, a competent professional himself, learned from Linda’s teaching.

Linda’s love of her brother Teddy grew stronger as he served in Viet Nam. He wrote to her of the horrors he experienced, knowing he had a recipient who would understand and care intensely for him as he returned.

That was Linda, caring, encouraging and tireless in helping young people pursue a career in nursing a field she cherished as she worked with BOCES and the Uniondale Board of Education.

An experienced and impassioned professional, Linda responded to the tragedy of 9/11. As we listened to Pat read her reflection we saw Linda compassionate, determined and sensitive to her team calling them to pray, joining with all of the prayers of our congregation.

This is how she lived her life even in her final ministry at Sacred Heart where Linda cared deeply for the sisters and encouraged staff to be their best selves. I am sure all patiently listened to her detailed and yes, rather lengthy, accounts of her experiences because they could sense the passion and deep faith that sustained Linda’s life. So, yes, we celebrate that life today. We celebrate Linda and rejoice that she is now with her loving God and all those she loved.

Sister Linda Vdorick, CSJ died on January 4, 2021 in the 56th year of her religious life.

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