Sister Maureen Catherine Gleason, CSJ

Jun 10, 2015


We  celebGleason 5637 2x3rate the life of Maureen Catherine Gleason, a Sister of Saint Joseph for fifty-eight years.

Our congregation’s mission of love of God and neighbor without distinction reminds all of us that we were first loved by God and all are called as Christ reminded us to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

These words flow easily from our lips but it is our actions of living that love in all of our relationships with creation and every living being that makes love real and tangible. Knowing we are loved gives us the strength and impetus to bring that love, as Maureen did, to all without distinction. This is so obvious in her love for her family, but, it does not end there because Maureen’s love was outpoured for the countless students she taught, especially those needing greater care, and her love for her friends and sisters in our congregation.

Maureen revealed God’s immense goodness by her deeds and actions. She relied on God’s strength to comprehend the length, height, and depth of the love of God when she faced unbearable struggles. Maureen loved large and others responded to that largesse of heart by companioning her throughout her life. Is that not we are all called to do for one another and for all who do not experience love in their lives?

Maureen knew God’s boundless love for her and she spent her life revealing it to others. Now, our faith assures us, Maureen is filled with the utter fullness if God and she is embraced by the God who has truly been her way, her truth and her life.

Sister Maureen Gleason died on June 9, 2015 in the 58th year of her religious life.

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