Sister Maureen de Lourdes Stock, CSJ

Dec 13, 2021

We gather today to celebrate the fullness of life lived with goodness and fidelity for 100 years by our beloved Sister Maureen de Lourdes Stock.

We welcome all those who join us in prayer from home.  In a special way Maureen’s family are given a heartfelt welcome – She loved you all deeply!

Born Lillian Margaret to Michael and Margaret Stock, Maureen was the “glue” that bonded her three brothers and extended Brooklyn family together.  Gathering for family visits and celebrations meant the world to Maureen as evidenced by the vast array of pictures. Maureen’s deep faith, selflessness and sensitivity to the needs of others characterized her early years and continued throughout her life.  Asked how she would like to be remembered, she humbly stated with her engaging smile, “Just say I tried.”

Teaching elementary school students for 53 years was Maureen’s specialty!  She was a ‘”pro” and endeared herself to the entire school community. .

As a true sister of the neighborhood she loved asking the question, “Are you doing all your homework” whenever she encountered her “treasures” as she lovingly called her students.

Maureen’s compassionate care for her ailing mother has been noted by many who knew her.  Her weekends and even an extended “time out” from her teaching responsibilities found Maureen at her mother’s side – without complaint or fanfare, but always grateful to be of loving service.

That same spirit of gratitude carried over when Maureen was in need of assistance in St. Joseph Convent and later in Maria Regina Residence.No act of kindness went unnoticed.  Maureen’s generous and kind spirit permeated her being and each person was a God-presence who earned her full attention, respect and full- hearted thanks.

Maureen’s life was a prayer and her full-hearted devotion to the Blessed Mother characterized her daily routine.  The prayer of Thomas Merton that proudly graced her room reflected her deep trust in the God who embraced her life. The support of community and the development of meaningful relationships nurtured a depth of “knowing God” in all she encountered.

We celebrate Maureen’s 79 faith filled years as a Sister of St. Joseph and as I place our Constitution in her hands we ask for her blessings on each of us as we live lives that are simple, prayerful, courageous and compassionate.

May Maureen continue to
Be with us,
Pray for us,
And inspire us.

Sister Maureen de Lourdes Stock, CSJ died on December 12, 2021 in the 78th year of her religious life.

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