Sister Patricia Ann Regan, CSJ

Jan 7, 2021

We come to celebrate the life of a Sister of St. Joseph, Patricia Ann Regan who lived her life dedicated to our mission of unity through love of God and neighbor without distinction. We have many ways to describe a Sister of St. Joseph and many of you are familiar with them. A Sister of St. Joseph lives a life that is simple, prayerful, courageous and compassionate. She is a daughter of Joseph committed to excellence tempered with gentleness, peace and joy. Pat Regan embodied all of these as she lived her life as a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty eight years.

Pat was born in Brooklyn to Agnes and William and grew up with her brothers, Bill, Robert and Frank, attending Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School. She then attended our Juniorate and entered our congregation in 1952. She was attentive to the Spirit in her life and responded when she was called by name by her faithful God who loved her and would always be with her.

Pat’s gentle and perceptive ways were recognized and she taught the primary grades in St. Brendan’s, Holy Child Jesus and St. Gabriel’s, all in the Brooklyn Diocese. Pat earned her Bachelor’s degree from St Joseph’s College and also studied at Wesleyan University, teaching Science at Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead.

But Pat returned to the young children who could learn from her deep faith and trust, teaching first grade at Our Lady of Snows for twenty years. During these years Pat ministered to the children and their families revealing God’s gentle and compassionate love.

At the same time she loved and cared for her beloved brothers with the same tender and gentle care. Continuing her ministry, Pat was present and attentive to her brothers who resided in the family home. It was demanding but Pat knew what Paul tells us that God would be with her and she could come to her loving God with her burdens. She cared for both of them until they died and now Pat can rest from her burdens and join them in eternal peace.

We are grateful for Pat’s life with us as she embodied the simple, compassionate, humble, gentle but courageous qualities of a Sister of St. Joseph. What a witness for us in these turbulent times in our world. We thank Pat and know her good works accompany her as she rests from her labors in the embrace of her loving God.

Sister Patricia Ann Regan, CSJ died on January 6, 2021 in the 69th year of her religious life.

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