Sister Rose Sheridan, CSJ

May 24, 2014

We celebrate the life of a woman of courage, integrity and vision, Sister Rose Sheridan, Charlotte, a Sister of Saint Joseph for nearly 63 years. The mission of our congregation is the mission of Jesus who healed, redeemed and liberated all who were excluded, dominated or deprived of basic human rights and dignity. Jesus brought unconditional love into the world of his time, instructed his disciples so that they would walk in his ways.  We do know that his message was not easily understood and difficult for those entrenched in the dominant hierarchical structures of the time. As Sisters of Saint Joseph we continue to seek ways to bring God’s healing, reconciling and inclusive love to the world in this time.

Sister Rose Sheridan knew the message of Jesus deep in her being and walked in his ways all of her life. As with the early disciples these ways were not always understood or welcomed. Yet Rose’s passion and determination to be a voice and advocate for the voiceless would never waver. Her ministry of outreach to those who labored without just compensation, those who needed housing and her presence and action to overturn unjust practices changed lives and raised the consciousness of many. We, her sisters, thank her and acknowledge how she shaped and formed our collective conscience to see justice as integral to our spirituality and mission. Rose was also publicly recognized by the New York State Labor/Religion Coalition, the New York State Catholic Conference and received the Diocese of Rockville Centre Pro-vita Award.

we need to be mindful of the many ways God continues to reveal the message of unconditional love through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Let us remember Rose’s attentiveness and courage to witness to that love for the underserved. The memory of her compassion and care for those she held dear will be a constant reminder of the ongoing activity of the Spirit in our lives.

Sister Rose Sheridan, CSJ died on May 23, 2014 in the 63rd year iof her religious life.

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