Sister Rosemary Lesser, CSJ

Jan 5, 2015



Sister Rosemary Lesser, CSJ died on January 4, 2015 in the 65th year of her religious life. She was a Sister of Saint Joseph for sixty-seven years. Her faith was nourished first by her parents, Catherine and Harold. Rosemary was faithful to her call to religious life. She came to know the power of God’s unconditional love in her life and sought to make that known through her ministry of teaching.

As Sisters of St. Joseph we strive to reveal God’s healing, reconciling and inclusive love where there is the greatest need. Rosemary taught the youngest children in parish schools but responded to the request to study education of the deaf. It was a new ministry for our congregation and she joined with other pioneer sisters to study at Canisius College, University of New Mexico and Texas University. For over twenty-two years she ministered in St. Francis de Sales School for the deaf, refining her skills, constantly learning how to respond to the students’ needs, and sharing her knowledge with professional organizations nation-wide.

Rosemary continued to share her expertise as a college professor at St. Joseph’s College for twenty-four years. Here, too, she challenged and yes pushed her students to learn and achieve. Her dedication and fastidious organization were always evident. While many others were struggling to finish their semester grades, Rosemary was already filing her course outline and materials for the next semester.

Rosemary remained faithful and strong in her final illness and continued to walk with her loving God.

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