Spirituality Office

Office of Spirituality 1/22/20

An excerpt from Until Christmas comes again by Joan Chittister

Christmas, the remembrance of the birth of Jesus, is not a remembrance at all.  It is an awareness that grows in us from day to day all our lives.  Christmas, the consciousness of eternal Life alive among us, is not a feast day, it is a ferial day that never ends.  It is a call to make today better than yesterday because on a day just like today.  Christ came before us.

There is a child in each of us waiting to be born again.  It is to those looking for life that the figure of the Christ, a child, beckons.  Christmas can be full of new possibility always, for those who are agitated with newness whatever their age.  Life is for the living, for those in whom Christmas is a feast without finish, a celebration of the constancy of change, a call to begin once more the journey to human joy and holy meaning.



Combined Committee Weekend – February 28, 29, March 1 – Invited – All members of our Standing Committees – Mary Ragan will once again be with us.  Registration information to follow.


Lent – a special time for all of us.  This year, most significant because Lent will help us to prepare for Chapter.  Lenten Prayer for each week will be prepared for each residence.