Spirituality Office

Office of Spirituality – A Message from Sister Jeanne McGorry:


A Thank You

For the past 15 years it has been my pleasure to work for all of us out of the Office of Spirituality.

When I was leaving Mariandale Retreat Center, Jean Amore invited me to come to Brentwood.  Jean explained that the ‘job’ ministry would evolve as would office space.

In the beginning, I worked out of 95 Fulton in Hempstead joining Clara, Kathy Loughlin and Mary Walsh.  A hearty group, no heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer.  Clara supplied coffee and Kathy rolls and the three of them shared thoughts on how my ministry might evolve.

Clara and I closed the upper room and I moved to Brentwood – and an office with a great desk supplied by Eileen Kelly,  plenty of heat in both winter and summer.

During these years it has been my pleasure and delight to come to know so many of us through our celebrations of Jubilees, Easter Triduums, Deceased Sisters Prayer Days, Annual Retreat Days and Summer Retreats, sadly walking with so many as we watched our friends become ill and die.

Working with our Committees has taught me and others to become more aware of the need to recognize injustice and take a stand to eradicate it.  For each of us ‘that’ stand might look different.

All of these learnings I take with me as well as my deep gratitude for all of these years.