December 22

December 22



We know now that we are all related in our origins from that primal matter which fashioned our planet. Yet, we are not just creatures “fashioned from the dust”. Rather we are permeated with the Creative Spirit. We are united in God’s love and we find true joy in communion with others. For us, Jesus is the central connection within the human family. In him we see God reflected perfectly in a human being. It is Jesus’ spirit and power that affirms the dignity of each person. It is to this Jesus that we are drawn as we move closer to Christmas.


Come, Lord Jesus, teach us to respect the dignity of all creatures in the universe.


I will meditate on the impact of the life of the fully human Jesus, on the meaning of being fully human. What should our lives be like if we live in the knowledge of God’s presence in all creation?

Suggested Reading

O Keystone of the mighty arch of man, come save the creature you fashioned from the dust.
O Antiphon

From his fullness, we have all received, grace in place of grace, because while the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
John 1:16-17

Jesus, more like us than we ever really imagined, reveals to us the wonder of who we are as bearers of the Spirit of God.
Praying a New Story

Value life in whatever house it dwells. For when it comes time that we are all stripped to bare bones before the divine and facing eternity, we will understand that the only law we were meant to follow, was to love ourselves and each other. Nothing more…nothing less.
Carla Jo Masterson

This is what our love is––a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images, thoughts, smells, and sounds.

See God in all things, for God is in all things. Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God. Every creature is a word of God.
Meister Eckhart O.P.

 Man … has an inborn religious sentiment that whispers of a God to his inmost soul, as a shell taken from the deep yet echoes forever the ocean’s roar.
Horace Mann

What were a God who only gave the world a push from without, or let it spin around His finger? I look for a God who moves the world from within, who fosters nature in Himself, Himself in nature; so that naught of all that lives and moves and has its being in Him ever forgets His force or His spirit.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe