December 7


Seventy-two years ago today, bombs fell on Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II. Today, we are still searching for ways to disentangle ourselves from conflicts. Bombs still take lives as old hatreds prevent an end to conflict and the possibility of reconciliation. In the midst of this, simple people suffer and long for peace. Apart from the deadly technology of our present war machine, things have not changed too much in the past two millennia. The readings of Advent promise us that the Prince of Peace will come, that the lion will lie down with the lamb, and the healing light of God’s love will surround us. Yet we know that God’s love already surrounds us and it is our own lack of realization and understanding that is a major obstacle to peace. With Advent hope we continue to pray, Come, O Come Emmanuel, bring peace to your people.


Our God will come to save us!
Isaiah 35:4 


I cannot bring about world peace, but I can build a small circle of peace and truth in my own life that can increase the larger desire for peace. What are some ways to do that?

Suggested Readings

I, the Creator, gave my people life. Peace, peace to the far and the near,
says the Lord; and I will heal them.
Isaiah 57:19

Your rule springs into existence as our arms reach out to embrace all creatures.
From this divine union, let us birth new images for a new world. Create Your reign of unity now.
Prayers of the Cosmos

Peace cannot come from anxiety but only from confidence. Order is a precious gift from God. Order is a task entrusted to us. There is work to be done. The drive toward well-being which God has ordained in this world is not self-actualizing and automatic. It must be shepherded and nurtured and dare we say even managed?
Walter Brueggemann

Life is a constant Advent season: we are continually waiting to become,
to discover, to complete, to fulfill. Hope, struggle, fear, expectation and fulfillment
are all part of our Advent experience.

All men desire peace, but very few desire those things that make for peace.
Thomas à Kempis

If you want peace, work for justice.
Pope Paul VI

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?
Eleanor Roosevelt

But peace does not rest in the charters and covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of all people. So let us not rest all our hopes on parchment and on paper, let us strive to build peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work for peace in the hearts and minds of all of our people. I believe that we can. I believe the problems of human destiny are not beyond the reach of human beings.
John F. Kennedy

There’s so many things going on in the world, Babies dying. Mothers crying. How much oil is one human life worth. And what ever happened to peace on earth.
Willie Nelson