July 20


The most pressing moral and spiritual question of the age is— what is our relationship to the earth and how do we set it right again. What is it that needs to be done? If what we have learned from culture and its economic and political systems is a hierarchical worldview that elevates the human species above all others, that markets the insatiable use of natural resources for the sake of a more convenient, easy, comfortable lifestyle, that values growth and profit above all else; then we shall have to unlearn the arrogance of human preeminence, call for the cherishing of earthly gifts to be shared by all, and choose to value life— all life— over short-sighted “progress”. What will it take to turn the tide of human folly? We shall have to move through lament into action, to let go of egoism and embrace imagination, to surrender attachments and unleash collaborative, interdependent energy. ..If grief can be a doorway to love, then let us all weep for the world we are breaking apart so we can love it back to wholeness again.
Linda DeGraf


Guide us in the right path.


How concerned are you about the present situation of this planet? Are you alert to the daily signs of the effects of climate change? Does the fact that this nation is not cooperating with others to work toward improvement and that regulations within this country to offset further problems are being repealed concern you? Go to https://catholicclimatecovenant.org/, https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/, https://www.ucsusa.org/ , and many others to inform yourself and find ways to support action.

Suggested Reading

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.
Psalm 24:1-2

For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.
 1 Timothy 4:4 

The earth] now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her.
Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.
Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much, or doing much, about climate change. Today we have no excuse.
Desmond Tutu

We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it.
Jay Inslee

This is not a partisan debate; it is a human one. Clean air and water, and a livable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics. It is our moral obligation.
Leonardo DiCaprio

Although the magnitude of climate change may make individuals feel helpless, individual action is critical for meaningful change.
Mia Armstrong

We would never consider this level of risk in any other walk of life, yet we seem prepared to take this risk with our planet. Conversely, the scientific evidence shows that we can create a positive future, but only with bold action now.
Johan Rockström

In a world where profit is consistently put before both people and the planet, climate economics has everything to do with ethics and morality.
Naomi Klein