May 3


A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another.\\
John 13:34


A person who is steeped in God seeks the good of all, appreciates differences, builds trust, and works to guarantee the rights of all.  Unfortunately, many of the deep hatreds among peoples are justified by religious or ethnic differences.  Religion which is intended to enable us to focus our spiritual desire for the God who is defined as Love often fires people to acts of violence. Ethnicity which celebrates the splendid variety of the human species can become a source of division. It was this way in the past and we see the same behavior today. What would the world be like if we as individuals and as a nation tried to sow seeds of love that would grow into bonds of unity rather than sow seeds of division? What would it be like if we replaced military might with moral right? What if our strength were based in respect rather than fear? What if we sought to live as a people who believed in a God of love?


Lord, where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Francis of Assisi.


Examine your own prejudices and contradictions in the light of your expressed beliefs. How accepting are you of the rhetoric of prejudice and arrogance?  How do you support it by your words and choices? Try to heal divisions in your own sphere of relationships and sow seeds of love.

Suggested Reading

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love.
The Prayer of St. Francis

It is intolerable that the world’s religions — founded on the values of love and compassion — should provide a pretext for the expression of hatred and violence.
Federico Mayor

In the Bible, the ones who were most certain about what they were doing were the ones who stoned the prophets.
Bob Chell

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
Johnathan Swift

Is it not strange that mankind should so willingly battle for religion and so unwillingly live according to its precepts?
Georg Cristoph Lichtenberg

 Whoever seeks to set one religion against another seeks to destroy all religion.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

We need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. This isn’t a matter of political correctness. It’s a matter of understanding what makes us strong. The world respects us not just for our arsenal; it respects us for our diversity and our openness and the way we respect every faith.
Barack Obama\\

It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.
Helen Keller

A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair.
Abraham Joshua Heschel

Remember, we are not our country, our race, or religion. We are eternal spirits. Seeing ourselves as spiritual beings without label is a way to transform the world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.
Wayne Dyer