October 24

Global Oneness Day

Global Oneness Day is a day dedicated to celebrating our Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of Life. In the late 1960′s the first photographs of the Earth seen from space powerfully impacted humanity’s perception of the world. We realized that all life on our beautiful blue planet was deeply connected. Oneness represents a profound shift in humanity’s culture from one of competition to one of cooperation. Many people realize that Oneness is Divine, and the very essence of our being.

All the main religions preach love of neighbor. Oneness is a timeless truth.  What you do to another person you are doing to another aspect of yourself. Mystics and philosophers have proclaimed it for thousands of years. For over a century, science has proven the connection between consciousness and matter, our genetic connection with all life. The illusion of separation has caused massive problems on earth. Our inherent oneness addresses the illusion of separation. In realizing our oneness we can find the solutions needed to avoid global calamity and create a world of health, well-being and flourishing for all.
Adapted from Global Oneness Day website


That all may be one.


Consider the divisions that exist among people based in religious, political and racial differences. Then reflect on the common human experiences of love, pain, joy, suffering, spirituality, desire for inclusion and acceptance and so on. Look at your community, our nation, global conflicts. What causes our antagonisms? In what are our divisions based? What can you do personally to accept and promote oneness?

Suggested Reading

That all of them may be one, just as You are in me and I am in You. May they also be one in us so that the world may believe that You have sent me.
John 17:21

Unity does not imply uniformity; it does not necessarily mean doing everything together or thinking in the same way. Nor does it signify a loss of identity. Unity in diversity is actually the opposite: it involves the joyful recognition and acceptance of the various gifts which the Holy Spirit gives to each one and the placing of these gifts at the service of all members of the Church. It means knowing how to listen, to accept differences, and having the freedom to think differently and express oneself with complete respect towards the other who is my brother or sister. Do not be afraid of differences!
Pope Francis

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The deepest of level of communication is not communication, but communion. It is wordless … beyond speech … beyond concept.
Thomas Merton

One of the main tasks of theology is to find words that do not divide but unite, that do not create conflict but unity, that do not hurt but heal.
Henri Nouwen

For Christians, who believe they are created in the image of God, it is the Godhead, diversity in unity and the three-in-oneness of God, which we and all creation reflect. Desmond Tutu

Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.
Mahatma Gandhi

To become a true global citizen, one must abandon all notions of otherness and instead embrace togetherness.
Suzy Kassem

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.
J.K. Rowling

Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.
Eleanor Roosevelt