Catholic Demonstrators Form Human Cross in Newark Protest


 Cardinal Joseph Tobin, leader of the Newark Archdiocese, joined Catholics from several states on Wednesday in Newark to call for an end child and family detention which has led to the separation of immigrant families across the country.

More than 100 people gathered at the St. Mary’s Parish Newark Abbey Church for a morning service, many clutching signs that bore the images of children who have died after crossing the southern border. Later demonstrators numbered in the several hundred. Sister Janet Kinney, Sister Frances Mary, Sister Susan Wilcox, and Sister Joan Gallagher were among them.

Priests, nuns, laypeople and senior citizens were among those who arrived to show their support for immigrant families who have been affected by the Trump administration’s stricter immigration policies and have been held detained at border facilities. Many held signs that read “Mercy for Immigrants” and “Catholics say Stop the Inhumanity.” They chanted, “Immigrants are welcomed here.”

“Today I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Christ to decry the treatment of children who bear the trauma wrought by immigration enforcement raids, separation from their families and indeterminate detention,’’ Cardinal Tobin said outside the federal building. “These draconian measures are not a solution to our broken immigration system, they are violations of human dignity that are contrary to all religious teachings.”