COVID-19: Food Insecurity

Among the essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are our food suppliers. The growth of unemployment has exacerbated food insecurity. New Yorkers are finding it increasingly difficult to find food as many programs have had to shut down. As a result the demand for food assistance is rising at an extraordinary rate leaving food banks and food pantries running short on food and volunteer workers.

Recently Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens shared the work they are doing to assure that people are receiving the food they need. One of the food stations that they set up in Corona had a line of families 20 blocks long.  Click here to listen to the story. Hour Children Food Pantry is also feeling the effects of keeping up with the needs of the neighborhood. The food pantry staff shares their experience here.

After listening to these stories consider responding and assist the food demand during this pandemic. A donation doubles in value when made to a food bank alleviating the challenges that they are dealing with during this crisis. The following are suggestions to where donations can be made to assist organizations feed the hungry.

Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens
191 Joralemon Street, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hour Children, Inc.
36-11 12th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106

128 Pine Aire Drive
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Thank you for your response to our neighbors in need!