Educational Signs in Brentwood

In response to our Land Ethic statement we implemented new initiatives and continued ecological projects that were already in place on our Brentwood campus.  Many new initiatives were brought to fruition with the support of the Long Island Community Foundation, The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Suffolk County Department of Environmental Planning, our generous benefactors, and capital funds.  In our desire to share educational information related to these projects with visitors, neighbors, students, and staff, educational signage was developed and erected to illustrate the function of each environmental initiative .  To take advantage of the educational value and features of each project area a content, illustrations,  and photos were included regarding a description and benefits of each project.  Many thanks to Clara Santoro for countless hours of work in creating each sign, its content, and its graphic design. Additional gratitude to Patti Manning for assisting with the computer software needed to produce the signs.  Educational signs will help to inform and empower people to make better decisions about their behaviors and practices related to the environment and sustainable living.  The educational signage project includes a 24” x 36” sign for each of the following projects on the property: solar energy, organic farming, agricultural preservation, natural grass meadow, organic garden ministry, bee keeping, composting, community gardens, woodland preservation, sustainable landscaping, wastewater management, native plants, national historic register, and our land ethic statement. View this video to see some of the signs that were recently installed: Educational Signs